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Watamote! Episode Three Thoughts


I fairly enjoyed the episode. Was is as good as episode two? No, but it was good nonetheless.

What’s the story?

It’s raining, Tomoko forgot her textbook, she can’t ask her neighbor to share, so she tries not to be noticed by her teacher (Spoilers: It fails).

She goes home, and stares at the “flood” until another old man “saves” her and lectures her. She walks home, her umbrella breaks, and she has to stay under a rain shelter along with two boys. The boys want to talk to her, and she does try with toilet humor and obvious shit, and wouldn’t you know it? She fails. The boys go away, come back, and give an umbrella.

Then she goes home, Tomoki comes home, and he gets a cold. So that means that he gets to stay home. 

After that was gym, and the girls in her class play basketball in a team of five. No one really notices Tomoko untils she “passes out” from fantasizing  and is sent home. She goes home, her mom questions about it, Tomoko says that she passed out in gym, and goes to her room. 

Then she goes to her brother’s room to get a cold as well. Her brother doesn’t want her here, so he tells her to fuck off. Her mother comes in and sees Tomoko in the same room as her brother. Tomoko lies about caring for her brother, so Mom leaves them alone.

It’s the next day, Tomoko wasn’t sick, Tomoki borrows some games, and I lied about Tomoko getting sick; she gets her brother’s cold, it’s just that the symptoms don’t show up for a while as Tomoki puts it.

So, that’s the third episode. If I spoiled it for you, it’s okay. Spoilers happen.

Ain’t I a stinker?



Free! Episode Four Review


Oh look. I’m still watching this piece of shit.

I’m surprised. I’m utterly surprised. You know, you guys should give me a fucking medal for not dropping this anime because episode four was just so God awful that it wasn’t even funny.

What’s the story?

The cast teaches Rei how to swim, and despite the six/seven days of practice, Rei still couldn’t swim. 

Can I go on a little rant here for a moment? Yes? Thanks, guys. I really want to.

I fucking can’t stand Rei.

He’s too full of himself, and personally, he’s a fucking pussy.

But, I digress.

Does Rei learn how to swim? Is the story too predictable? 

Spoilers: the answer to both is yes.

So, the cast holds a meeting as to why Rei can’t swim. Rei says it’s because of the speedo he was wearing that was the cause. So they buy swimsuits the next, try them on, and McBlandold’s meets PussyFace, I mean Rin.

Now that I think about it, PussyFace suits Rin much better because that’s what he is- a fucking pussy.

But again, I digress.

They go outside, and PussyFace says that he wants a real race. He also says that if he doesn’t win, he says that, and I’m not fucking with you, that he won’t move on.

Wow. What a fucking pussy.


In fact, if I made a list of the Top 12 Biggest Pussies in Anime, he’d definitely be on the top.

But yet again, I digress.

Rei tries again, and he still can’t swim, so he gets depressed. McBlandold’s cheers him up and says that he’s not “free”, inspires Rei, and Rei learns and succeeds how to swim.

That’s the whole fucking episode. I’m done with this shit.

Free! Episode Three Thoughts

 haha bullshit

Did this show get any worse?

No, but it was just as bad.

What’s the story?

They try to get another person to join the swim club (mainly annoying bimbo), and Nagisa finds Rei. Rei joins of course, but he won’t swim.

How do I know that he joins?




But, I digress.

Rei joins with the club to swim against Rin’s school on one condition:

He won’t swim.

But he has to swim because “it won’t be a competiton” or some stupid shit, I don’t know.

So when it’s Rei turn, he falls into the pool and doesn’t swim. So Blandy McMonotone, I mean Haruka saves him from drowning only to find out that Rei can’t swim.

And that’s pretty much the third episode.

Am I dropping this anime? No, not yet. But if the fourth episode gets any worse, I’m stepping on the gas pedal and dropping it.

Blurring the Lines: Are lyrics being taken too seriously these days?

More people need to read this.



My housemates and I have a synchronised dance to the song ‘Get Low’ by Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz. One of my housemates can even rap the song in its full entirety. When we’re out at a club and it gets played, we will be the first to run to the dancefloor and dance in an overexaggerated fashion. It’s all a bit of fun. Or is it?

If you take time to carefully listen to the lyrics, they’re hardly the most conservative out there.

“Looking at a nigga with yo palm, out bitch I ain’t even seen you dance. Twerk something baby. Work something baby. Pop yo pussy on the pole do you thang baby.”

Now in all honesty I hardly stop my dancing to point out the blatant sexism in the lyrics, or think twice about it really. It may be because the song is…

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Watamote! Episode Two Review




So, did Watamote get any better? Was it just as good as the first episode? Did it get any worse?






I’m going with the first thought. It got better.

The characters are more developed, and the dialogue seems to get better.

The animation is good enough. The voice acting got better, and the comedy! Good God did I laugh!

Also, we have a new character! Introducing- Yuu, Tomoko’s middle school friend!


Yuu, you little attention whore, you!

When the two actually started having a conversation, this is the sentence that made the show.


I died from laughter. This sentence alone is the reason why I wanted to watch this show in the first place. And you know what?

It was worth it. It was fucking worth it. No anime, literally no anime has said that, and that’s what makes Watamote unique and amazing.

I give this anime perfect in its own way/10.


Yes, Tomoko. You’re cute in your own special way.



“Good Times”

You guys remember my good “friend” callingoutbigotry on Tumblr, correct?

Well, if you read this, you probably do.

Go read the blog. I dare you. Because it has gotten much, much worse. I mean, look at this shit and tell me you’re thinking that it’s logical.

Yeah, because celebrities absolutely cannot talk about and/or sing about equal rights and social justice issues because they’re celebrities, and they can’t call out bullshit in our society at all.

Fucking assholes.

Yuyushiki First Impression




It’s just a moe piece of shit.

That’s all I’m gonna say about that part.

It’s shitty, and I’m pretty sure it’s a rip-off of Azumanga Daioh and/or Lucky Star.


First, we have Yui, the sane one and boring as a brown rock in the dirt when you go outside for recess (Speaking of recess, I wanna watch Disney’s Recess instead.). She’s a Kagami Hiiragi knock-off. I don’t really see why she’s friends with the other two main characters.

Speaking of the two…

Then, we have Yukari, who’s a rip-off of *gasp* another previous anime character who came from a boring slice-of-life.

Can you guess who it is (Hint: I’ll put a picture of her underneath.)?


If you’re new here, then it’s Osaka from Azumanga Daioh.


Then, we have Yuzuko, the annoying pain in the ass character who’s a mixture of Yui Hirasawa from K-on! and… her.


Satan’s daughter, aka, Konata Izumi from Lucky Star.

The animation is awful. The worst I’ve seen in any anime so far. Even with KyoAni’s worst animated show animated-wise (Lucky Star), it still had some quality. But this… how the fuck can anyone, especially me, look at this and not attempt suicide.

The voice acting is also awful, but then again, what the fuck was I expecting?

Overall, I’d give this a fuck you and fuck your show/10.


No. You’re not. You’re ugly little tumors that should be put to sleep right now.