Free! First Impression

Oh hey, I actually sat my ass down and watched Free!. Did I think it was any good?

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha no.

The first problem I had with this anime is the voice acting. The actors sounded bored as all fuck. There is no variation in the voice mainly because of the characters and the stereotypes.

Speaking of the characters, that’s another problem. The characters are no fun, and I swear, if I see Nagisa again even for a second, I will fucking punch that little shit in the face and the balls really fucking hard. He has got to be one of the most annoying anime characters… just fucking ever, man. Then we have Makoto, the nice behaving guy. He’s not very interesting, and I forgot about him in the middle of the anime. Then we have Rin (guess who the villain is), the best character in this shitty anime so far. Yeah, he’s not that great, but considering the rest of the cast, he’s obviously the better one.

And finally, we have Haruka. Good God, is he bland. There’s literally no emotion in him at all. I really did not give a shit about this character at all, even for a second. And this is the character we’re supposed to root for, but honestly, I just wanted to give him the finger and tell him to stop trying so hard to be a badass. Literally one of the most boring characters in general.

And last but not least, the animation is nothing special. 

For other companies like Sunrise. But for the company that made this anime, it’s bad. And this came from Kyoto Animations, the people that did Haruhi, K-On!, Nichijou… those three animes had amazing animation. This- I don’t know what the animators were doing because this is as bad as Lucky Star.

Overall, I’d give it a not worth my Independence Day/10.


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