Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku Review

You know what? Fuck this; it’s way too long for me to remember. I’m just gonna call it the Lucky Star spin-off because that’s exactly what it is- a spin-off.

Yeah, that’s right. I watched the entire series from episode to episode. 

All 10 of them.

And you know what I think?  You really wanna know what I think of this?






Surprisingly, this is actually better than the original series.

First off, let’s talk about the sto- oh wait. It’s a Lucky Star spin-off, so there’s no story at all.

Let’s talk about the comedy in this!

Verdict says… it’s not funny. The comedy is pretty much like the original series. And that’s all I’m gonna say.

Next, the characters.

First, we got Hinata, and dear God is she a dumbass! I mean, I know it’s for the comedy and all, but in order to have the comedy work, she needs to be interesting, and she’s not! She’s a complete airhead! Now that I think about it, I have only one question.

How come she hasn’t signed up on NicoNicoDouga and became an utaite? No seriously! Her singing voice is damn amazing! In fact, that’s the only redeeming factor in this character.

Next, we have her little sister, Hikage.


I mean, finally! A character that I can relate to! We have all these otaku characters that I’m supposed to relate to, but the only character I can relate to is this cynical nine-year-old in public school. This is the only character that’s actually any good in Lucky Star.

Then we have Hikage’s teacher, Kazuhiko. Yeah, he’s a bore, but at least the people behind him actually try their best to make him funny, and it’s works and doesn’t work…? Bottom line is, he’s not that’s entertaining, but he’s okay.

Then we go to Hikage’s little fourth-grade friends. We have Yukina, who was a pain in the anus and a bore. Erika, whom I swear sounds like she’s a seventh-grade boy trying to sound like a girl. And Daisuke, the boy who teases Hikage (and the obvious love interest, but that’s another story).

And we can’t have a spin-off without cameos! Konata appears, Kagami appears, Tsukasa appears, Akira appears, and the fucking manager appears. God damn it, really? Was he really that great enough of a character to put in this anime as well. I should be thankful that Miyuki doesn’t make an appearance in this because if I saw her, I would’ve dropped this anime like a dead puppy.

TL;DR: they’re all boring.

Next, the animation. The anime, surprisingly not animated by Kyoto Animations, has bland animation. I know, I shouldn’t be bitching about the animation since it’s only five minutes long, so I’ll be a bit nicer: 

The animation looks as if it came from a five minute anime that a professional at Adobe Flash would animate. Then again, so did the original fucking show (I really need to stop comparing the two). And with a 24-minute-show, that’s really no excuse, Kyo.

Last but not least, the ending song. It’s great. Then again, it’s by Hyadain, and the dude’s a fucking genius! He knows how to make the song really really good and really really catchy. In a way, it reminds me of “He Had it Coming” from Chicago.

Overall, I’d give this anime a better than the original but still doesn’t save the franchise/10.


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