Free! Episode Two Thoughts

I watched episode two of Free! to see if it would get any better.

I was wrong.

I was dead wrong.

In fact, it got a lot worse.

What happened?

Rin gets asshurt over the fact that he lost against Haruka in a swimming race that happened FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO, so instead of getting the fuck over it, he moves to Australia to baaaaaaaaaaaaawl about it until he’s practically a senior. So then he moves back to Japan after the four years (the shit I’m talking was back in episode one) he was gone. But he goes to some academy. So when the three main characters go to this academy, they find a Haruka’s trigger warning, I mean a fucking pool. And guess who they ran into (I swear, if you guess wrong, Imma beat the black off of you.)?


So, Rin and Haruka race each other, and wouldn’t you know it? Rin wins. But instead of Haruka baaaaaaaaaaaaawling like a baby, he compliments Rin for his victory (what Rin should’ve done instead of baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawling like a baby). For some fucking reason (I don’t know; this show tried way too damn hard to be edgy.), Rin gets pissed at him for not baaaaaaaaaaaaawling like a baby.

Now back to episode two.

The three main characters get caught, and their teacher tries to defend them, but the principal pretty much tells her to fuck off (I like the principal so far.).

So the characters make a swim club, their teacher helps them, Rin’s sister joins the swim club, they clean the place that they’re going to swim at up, and we get more psychological shit with the characters, but at that point, I was trying not to click on Peppa Pig and Caillou.

Damn. When an anime is so bad that I’d much rather watch a fucking Peppa Pig episode and Caillou, then I know that it hit a new low.

Speaking of the characters, I found two new characters that I hate.

The teacher, Ama. Man, I was hoping that this chick was going to make the anime better, but boy was I wrong! She pretty much does nothing to help the club, and God she’s annoying with that voice. Sometimes, I almost confuse her as a student.

Next, we have Kou, I mean Gou. No. Fuck this bitch; she did not deserve to be called Kou by being an obnoxious little dimwit. To sum her up, she’s pretty much 99.99% of the fandom that I hate.

This anime better be lucky that I’m not dropping it after this because I was sure as hell close to. Hopefully, episode three will get better though at this point, I highly doubt it.


2 thoughts on “Free! Episode Two Thoughts

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