Watamote! First Impression


When I first seen pictures of this anime, a lot of people were hyping the shit out it. So, being the negative bitch I am, I thought to myself this:

“Ugh. This shit again? Haven’t we seen this like over and over? I bet it’s gonna be God awful.”

So I went to Crunchyroll and watched the first episode. Do I think it lives up to the hype?

Well, I can definitely tell you a few things.

It’s not a terrible anime. It’s not even a bad anime.

But, it’s not a great anime. It’s a good anime, but not the greatest.

What’re the goods?

Well, let’s talk about the intro song.

My God! It’s amazing. In fact, some of the best I’ve heard in a long ass time. If I were to make a Top Anime Opening and Ending Songs of 2013, this song would definitely be on this list.

Second, the characters are surprisingly realistic. Yeah, the characters are great. Unlike Nichijou, most of the characters aren’t memorable, but unlike that one anime, they actually have personalities, you know, like actual fucking humans.

We have Tomoko, our protagonist. She’s jealous because she’s not popular, so she tries to change herself in order to be popular. And at first sight, I can see why she’s not popular.

  • She’s an otaku, and you don’t score popularity being that way especially in Japan.
  • She’s also likely to have social anxiety. She really doesn’t know how to keep a conversation going on without stuttering or turning her head to the side. She also worries about other people calling her ugly or making fun of her. See, that’s most high school girls act. They want to be popular, and they worry about themselves not being popular.

Next, we have her brother, Tomoki. He is in a soccer team and actually has friends. He and Tomoko aren’t exactly the best of siblings when it comes to the relationship. Tomoki really doesn’t want his sister to be around him because he’s really creeped out at her behavior. That’s a character that anyone can relate to.

Third, the animation is surprisingly good for Silver Link. It has its moment, but it’s really not that bad.

What are the flaws of this anime?

First off, the voice acting is not the best I’ve heard. Or maybe I’m just being a complete bitch about it. Some of the voice actors, for example, Tomoki’s voice actor, really doesn’t sound that enthused.

Second, the humor is not that great. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad or unfunny per say. I did get a chuckle once, but other than that, it’s not entirely funny. Maybe in the next episode, it’ll get better and be more developed.

So, will I stay? I’d say yes. It’s nice that I’m not being a complete bitch about it unlike that other anime.


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