Blurring the Lines: Are lyrics being taken too seriously these days?

More people need to read this.



My housemates and I have a synchronised dance to the song ‘Get Low’ by Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz. One of my housemates can even rap the song in its full entirety. When we’re out at a club and it gets played, we will be the first to run to the dancefloor and dance in an overexaggerated fashion. It’s all a bit of fun. Or is it?

If you take time to carefully listen to the lyrics, they’re hardly the most conservative out there.

“Looking at a nigga with yo palm, out bitch I ain’t even seen you dance. Twerk something baby. Work something baby. Pop yo pussy on the pole do you thang baby.”

Now in all honesty I hardly stop my dancing to point out the blatant sexism in the lyrics, or think twice about it really. It may be because the song is…

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