Watamote! Episode Three Thoughts


I fairly enjoyed the episode. Was is as good as episode two? No, but it was good nonetheless.

What’s the story?

It’s raining, Tomoko forgot her textbook, she can’t ask her neighbor to share, so she tries not to be noticed by her teacher (Spoilers: It fails).

She goes home, and stares at the “flood” until another old man “saves” her and lectures her. She walks home, her umbrella breaks, and she has to stay under a rain shelter along with two boys. The boys want to talk to her, and she does try with toilet humor and obvious shit, and wouldn’t you know it? She fails. The boys go away, come back, and give an umbrella.

Then she goes home, Tomoki comes home, and he gets a cold. So that means that he gets to stay home. 

After that was gym, and the girls in her class play basketball in a team of five. No one really notices Tomoko untils she “passes out” from fantasizing  and is sent home. She goes home, her mom questions about it, Tomoko says that she passed out in gym, and goes to her room. 

Then she goes to her brother’s room to get a cold as well. Her brother doesn’t want her here, so he tells her to fuck off. Her mother comes in and sees Tomoko in the same room as her brother. Tomoko lies about caring for her brother, so Mom leaves them alone.

It’s the next day, Tomoko wasn’t sick, Tomoki borrows some games, and I lied about Tomoko getting sick; she gets her brother’s cold, it’s just that the symptoms don’t show up for a while as Tomoki puts it.

So, that’s the third episode. If I spoiled it for you, it’s okay. Spoilers happen.

Ain’t I a stinker?



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