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Watamote! Episode Seven Thoughts


Welp, guess what we had today?







That’s right, motherfuckers! More predictable moments and unfunny jokes!

So Tomoko tries a Nico Nico Live, and fucks up and fails.

She meets an author, and actually succeeds in saying the lines she wanted to him, and records it.

Then, she edits it, but UH-OH! Her momma catches her and thought it was her brother!


So yeah, not funny much, but there was one funny moment:

with Tomoki.

That was when the mother found some old video clips of her children when they were little, and Tomoki’s reaction was so cute (Seriously, why there’s no spin-off based on him?)!

Overall, bland and boring. Think I’ll stay for one more episode.


RWBY: First Impression


When it first aired on the internet, I’ve never heard of this “RWBY” thing before. In fact, I’ve never heard of it until I searched the MMD tag on Tumblr ( around a month later), and the people in the tag were “bitching” about how people said that RWBY was not made with MMD.

Then I read that Crunchyroll (the site I normally use to watch anime) was going to air RWBY on the site. So, I thought to myself:

“Hmm. I’ll give it a chance. It doesn’t look like it’ll be the best, but it can’t be that bad, right?”

Needless to say, I’m pretty disappointed.

First off, everything is cliché. And when I mean everything. I literally mean cliché. The story is cliché, the characters are cliché, the music is cliché, the idea of it is cliché, even the animation is cliché.

The voice-acting is not that grand so to say. And that must be pretty sad since (from what I know) the voice-actors in here are professionals. There’s really no excuse.

But the worst part about this is the quality. Good GOD is it awful. This is worse than most of the MMD shit I’ve seen on DeviantArt, YouTube, and Tumblr combined! Hell, I’m pretty sure that I can make better quality pictures than the show.





You see where I’m going at?

Overall, don’t expect much effort and quality from RWBY.

Should I make a list of the worst and best anime opening and ending songs for each year whether it’d be for each future year, present year, or in the past?

It’d be at the end of the year.

Watamote! Episode Six Thoughts


Why is this so accurate with this anime and me?


Sigh. Another week, another episode of repeating jokes and fail. Did it make me laugh?





What’s the story?

Tomoko loses her dark circles under her eyes (but gets them back so that was pointless).

She goes to school, dicks around in the dirt with some ants, and wouldn’t you know it? Some fucking ants get into her pants. Tee. fucking. hee. That’s pretty much the entire thi- oh wait. She wants to see fireworks with someone, but that never happened. That’s i- oh she notices her missing dark circles, so THAT MUST MEAN THAT IT’S BECAUSE OF GA– oh wait, I forgot.

She goes to the roof where she went with Yuu as a middle schooler, but two middle school kids go up there, and Tomoko thought that they were going to see fireworks, BUT NOPE! TIS BE THE SEX!

You see where I’m going? I highly doubt this show will get any better, and that’s kind of sad because I thought that this show might have some potential, but that potential has been long gone since episode four.

I don’t want to drop this anime, but at this rate, I’m afraid that I probably have to.


Yes, Tomoko. What the hell did you do?


Free! Episode Five Thoughts


Why am I still watching this? Just why?

So, what’s the story?

They go to a fucking island, and wouldn’t you know it? PussyFace is there.

What a fucking coincidence.

So, KyoAni tried to give Not Blue’s Clues’ Steve a tragic memory to scar, but they tried too hard.

So the boys swim to some islands, Rei fails, Rei practices and fucked up his life, causing him to call Not Blue’s Clues’ Steve for help.

Gee, I wonder what’s going to happen in the next episode?
You know what? Fuck this; I know that Not Blue’s Clues’ Steve is going to save Rei from the big bad ocean because it’s fucking predictable! 

That’s it, anime. You’re officially



Watamote! Episode Five Thoughts


You know what Watamote! is getting to at this point?

You guys want to take a guess right now?

Boring, repetitive, and painful to watch.

Yeah, I said it. Watamote! is getting to be painful to watch just like Free!

What’s the story?


She goes to a coffee shop, and fucks up. She goes to a flashy street, she fucks up. She takes selfies in a photo booth, she fucks up. She tries to act like those silent, emotionless characters, she- YOU SEE WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY?!

At this rate, I should be fucking dropping this garbage because this is breaking all of my rules of good anime. You want to know why I think Love Lab and Yuru Yuri are better? Because from the few episodes I’ve seen of these two, they don’t repeat the same one joke over and over again.

Bottom line, I’m starting to hate Watamote!.


Yes. Yes you did. You made the anime painful to watch.