Watamote! Episode Four Thoughts


When some of the other people said that Watamote was getting repetitive and boring, I now know why they said that because episode four was just awful.

What’s the story?

Tomoko searches the internet and finds an article. In it, it said that if you slept face down, you’ll get sexual dreams. So Tomoko tries that, and you should know that she fails and gets nightmare. That means that she doesn’t get enough sleep.

The next morning, she goes on the train to school and everything just fucks up. Her camel-toe touches a stick thingie that starts with an “N” (put in comment section if you know what it is cause I got bored) and claims that she got raped by it…

Look, I know that I shouldn’t be talking about this since I like offensive humor, but that was not funny at all. In a way, I kind of got turned off by the series.

Then she goes shopping with Yuu and buys a pair of panties, she goes to school, thinks that she lost them, fans herself with them, and the teacher notices them, thus meaning that he runs away and Tomoko fucks up again.

Rinse and repeat via next episode.

You know, now that I think about it, Watamote! is getting boring and repetitive. And if they’re four things I hate in any media, they are boring, repetitive, monotone, and predicable, and Watamote! is pushing three out of four buttons right now.

Well, I’m done, and I think that they should make a spin-off starring Yuu or Tomoki.


Actually, you’re getting kind off boring. Yuu on the other hand…



3 thoughts on “Watamote! Episode Four Thoughts

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