Free! Episode Five Thoughts


Why am I still watching this? Just why?

So, what’s the story?

They go to a fucking island, and wouldn’t you know it? PussyFace is there.

What a fucking coincidence.

So, KyoAni tried to give Not Blue’s Clues’ Steve a tragic memory to scar, but they tried too hard.

So the boys swim to some islands, Rei fails, Rei practices and fucked up his life, causing him to call Not Blue’s Clues’ Steve for help.

Gee, I wonder what’s going to happen in the next episode?
You know what? Fuck this; I know that Not Blue’s Clues’ Steve is going to save Rei from the big bad ocean because it’s fucking predictable! 

That’s it, anime. You’re officially




5 thoughts on “Free! Episode Five Thoughts

  1. Dropped? Do you perhaps mean ‘dropped on the head as a baby,’ bitch-san? Surely you must have if you were working under the assumption that I would save Rei and manage to overcome my powerful phobia of the ocean. Perhaps you also predicted that I would comment here in response, as I seem to be so ‘fucking predictable.’

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