Watamote! Episode Six Thoughts


Why is this so accurate with this anime and me?


Sigh. Another week, another episode of repeating jokes and fail. Did it make me laugh?





What’s the story?

Tomoko loses her dark circles under her eyes (but gets them back so that was pointless).

She goes to school, dicks around in the dirt with some ants, and wouldn’t you know it? Some fucking ants get into her pants. Tee. fucking. hee. That’s pretty much the entire thi- oh wait. She wants to see fireworks with someone, but that never happened. That’s i- oh she notices her missing dark circles, so THAT MUST MEAN THAT IT’S BECAUSE OF GA– oh wait, I forgot.

She goes to the roof where she went with Yuu as a middle schooler, but two middle school kids go up there, and Tomoko thought that they were going to see fireworks, BUT NOPE! TIS BE THE SEX!

You see where I’m going? I highly doubt this show will get any better, and that’s kind of sad because I thought that this show might have some potential, but that potential has been long gone since episode four.

I don’t want to drop this anime, but at this rate, I’m afraid that I probably have to.


Yes, Tomoko. What the hell did you do?



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