RWBY: First Impression


When it first aired on the internet, I’ve never heard of this “RWBY” thing before. In fact, I’ve never heard of it until I searched the MMD tag on Tumblr ( around a month later), and the people in the tag were “bitching” about how people said that RWBY was not made with MMD.

Then I read that Crunchyroll (the site I normally use to watch anime) was going to air RWBY on the site. So, I thought to myself:

“Hmm. I’ll give it a chance. It doesn’t look like it’ll be the best, but it can’t be that bad, right?”

Needless to say, I’m pretty disappointed.

First off, everything is cliché. And when I mean everything. I literally mean cliché. The story is cliché, the characters are cliché, the music is cliché, the idea of it is cliché, even the animation is cliché.

The voice-acting is not that grand so to say. And that must be pretty sad since (from what I know) the voice-actors in here are professionals. There’s really no excuse.

But the worst part about this is the quality. Good GOD is it awful. This is worse than most of the MMD shit I’ve seen on DeviantArt, YouTube, and Tumblr combined! Hell, I’m pretty sure that I can make better quality pictures than the show.





You see where I’m going at?

Overall, don’t expect much effort and quality from RWBY.


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