Watamote! Episode Eight Thoughts


Stop lying, you asshole.



No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no 



I thought you were going to get a itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini better. I actually had hope for you.

WELL THAT’S NOW GONE! It’s disgusting to even think that I had hope for this piece of shit.



So, what pissed me off this time?

Tomoko’s cousin Kii came over to her house. So, Tomoko has to lie about her life in order to impress Kii.

You see why I think Tomoko is a disgusting character yet? No?

She uses a vacuum to use as kisses (which are obviously fake by the way), and puts the sucker on her mouth. Little did this dumb ass know that the sucker can kill you. Her mom finds out, and smacks the shit out of her (which she should’ve done in the first episode).

So, Kii comes over and Tomoko lies to her about some boyfriend. They go to the library, and Kii gets a book while her cousin waits for her. Then, one of the guys that gave her a new umbrella returns and asks for her name.

The next day, both girls discover Umbrella Guy with another girl. Dumb as a brick, Kii asks if it was okay. Tomoko, being a liar, says that they have a very open relationship. So Kii confronts Umbrella Guy, and wouldn’t you know it? He doesn’t know what the hell she was talking about. Then Tomoko comes out and admits the truth. Now, Kii knows that her cousin was nothing but a liar the entire time. 

Oh, and Tomoko cheats at a children’s card game. What a surprise.

I fucking hate, hate, hate Tomoko. What jackass would do something as heinous as lying to one of your relatives, especially someone who looks up to you?! And I’m not putting all the blame on Tomoko. No no no. Kii is part of the blame because it should’ve been obvious that her cousin was lying to begin with.

A lot of people say that the lesson of the episode is to trust someone for who they are. Ha ha, no. That’s not what the episode taught. The lesson taught me not to trust liars, especially Tomoko.

Sigh, yet another anime to drop.





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