Love Lab: So Far My Thoughts on It (for the first three episodes)


If you guys were wondering where the hell I am, well you got your wish for another anime review. Ladies and gentlemen- Love Lab~!

I actually thought that I was going to fucking hate this anime, that it was going to be the worst piece of shit I’ve ever seen in my entire life. But, as I sat down and watched it, I was actually…


I love it when I piss you guys off by doing this. >B)

surprised. This anime is actually pretty damn good for a slice-of-life comedy.

So, what’s the story?

Riko, the main protagonist (raging girl above) is going to an all girls’ school. Aka,


…yeah, that.

She then gets to be the aide of the student council president, Maki. One day, Riko catches Maki practicing kissing on a pillow (or Huggy as Maki calls it), and then… that’s pretty much it; the Love Lab meetings start from there. Oh, and two other girls rival Riko and Maki to be in the student council.

So, what’re the goods of this anime?

First, the animation is clean and moves pretty smoothly. The voice-acting is decent enough as well. But personally, I think it’s the characters that make the show so good.


Well, except her, but that’s another story…

I especially love Sayo. I mean, she can be a good friend and stand up for Eno and Maki, but mainly she’s a self-centered bastard.

And I fucking love it!


Yeah, that’s right, ya little bastard. Keep doing what you’re doing.


Look at this son of a bitch go!

All (well, most) bring a lot of joy into this anime and make it entertaining. Especially Sayo.

So, what’re the bads?

One, the opening theme song is kind of boring. Yeah, it’s no Fantasista Dolls song (I’ll get to reviewing that sooner or later), but it’s cheesy and boring either way.

Second, despite the characters’ great personalities, I find myself not laughing as much as I probably should be. Don’t get me wrong; I do enjoy this anime a lot. I did do some chuckles and even a full-blown laugh at some of the jokes. But there seems to be something off with it. I just don’t know what it is…

Overall, I say check it out. You’ll be surprised.



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