Diabolik Lovers: First Impression


Wow. I can’t believe the Fall Season has just started! And I can’t believe I just watched this anime! How was it?







To be honest, it sucks.

What’re the goods?

So far, the only ones I can think of are the animation and the quality.

What’re the bads?

Let’s start with the pacing. I got pretty damn annoyed with it. It was either too fast or too slow (most of the time with the latter). Especially when introducing the characters. Hell, I still don’t think I’ve been introduced to them at all.

Then, there’s the story, which is just a fucking excuse to attempt covering up the fact that it’s just going to be a reverse harem.

Next is the fact that it was fucking boring as shit. Thank God it was only fifteen minutes long or else I’d probably shoot some kindergarten babies.

But the biggest problem are the characters. My God, did I hate them all. The main reason why is because they’re all douche-bags. Now, I don’t mind douche-bags in anime so as long as they’re realistic like (I’m going to get a lot of shit for this) Makoto from School Days. One of the reasons I respect Makoto is because I know this person. The Dio boys… who the fuck are they? They’re not realistic to the point where I respect it. In many ways, I found them disgusting. In fact, I found this anime disgusting in general.

I’m just going to force myself to watch just one more episode to see if it gets less disgusting.


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