Kill La Kill: First Impression



Wow! Kill la Kill is the best anime of Fall 2013! Wow! So awesome! No flaws at all! NOPE!


Okay, so I was fucking with you guys. What’re my actual thoughts on this?

I saw the hype for this anime WAAAAAAAAAY before the anime was released, and especially before the summer season was even over.

So I reluctantly decided to watch the anime to see what all the hype was about. So I did, and verdict says this:

Good God was this disappointing.

I mean, I didn’t expect it to be the best like all the other fellas, but even so, this was disappointing.

But one thing I will say is that the voice-acting is amazing! They knew how to act the characters and give them emotion. I approve of that.

So, what’re my problems with this anime?

First off, the concept is good, but man does it executes it poorly. It seems to have many plot-holes in the story so far. Then again, it’s the first episode, so I shouldn’t complain much about it.

Second, the characters. Ryuko is a Mary-sue. I’m sorry, fellas, but she is. I mean, it was nice that she lost the first time, but towards the end, she ends up beating one of the bad guys without a fucking sweat. And the back-story. Her father is dead. (Gee, I wonder who killed him?) You see, a tragic past + strong without much of a loss to the protagonist doesn’t equal a strong or good character.

And GOD I FUCKING HATE MAKO! She is fucking annoying, never shuts up, and barely does shit. Hell, her YOUNGER SISTER does more than she does. Is she meant to be funny?! Because she’s fucking not! She’s annoying as shit!


Someone tell this bitch to shut up.

Another gripe is this here.


It’s time to sing the titties song! 😀


You can no longer have anime without a rape scene anymore, can you?


S-Should I say anything here or is this more than enough proof?

Christ, guys. It’s the first episode. Don’t make it look like an ecchi when it actually isn’t, okay? We want to keep as far away from that genre as possible.

My main gripe with this series is the animation. This is got to be one of the worst animation I’ve seen in a long time in anime.

Now don’t get wrong: I love cartoon style. This is no exception. However, if you put this in an action series, then I’m sorry. But I can’t your show seriously. Maybe if this was a parody of the genre, then I’d take it more seriously. But it’s not. You’re supposed to take it seriously. And I’m not.

I’m most definitely going to get a lot of shit from the fellows, but hey! That’s what happens when you post your opinion on the internet. Next time, Fantasista Doll review!


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