Stuff About Fall 2013 Anime…

It’s time to watch some A N I M E ! ! ! ~  

definitely watching

Galiliei Donna: Fuck yeah, I’m definitely watching. The concept, the animation… oh, I just can’t wait!

Kill la Kill: Just watching to see what the hype is about (can’t see it so far).

Beyond the Boundary: Like Kill la Kill except that it’s by KyoAni, and you know how the fellas will react to anything by them. Image

Miss Monochrome: I think the show’s title might be triggering me. I don’t know.

Gingitsune: The concept seems good, and the design is okay, so I’ll see what’s up.

Nagi no Asukara, Job Thing, Strike the Blood: While not for Strike the Blood, the titles seems boring and cliché. I like torturing myself. That’s why I bitch a lot.


Walkure Romanze: Why does it remind me of To Love Ru?

Infinite Stratos 2: Just not interested.

Yowapeda: I’m not into sports. At all.

Golden Time: Damn, that looks so fucking cliché. Fuck no.

Meganebu: Why the fuck would I watch this?! It’s a bunch of guys with glasses… and that’s it! Or is it…


Oh… oh…


Diabolik Lovers: It has AIDS.


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