Miss Monochrome: First Impression


The good news is that this anime didn’t disappoint me. The bad news, on the other hand, didn’t surprise me. It gave exactly what I expected.

Why did I say that?

Because I expected it and got from Miss Monochrome: it’s boring.

Okay, so let’s start with the good things in the anime so far.

The animation, for something that’s four minutes long, is actually well done. The side characters, especially Mana, are good enough. The lesson I see, hard work can pay off, is a good lesson, and it shows it fairly well. The ending song is okay as well.

But what made me not like this anime as much despite the goods I’ve mentioned?

One flaw is that it’s not all that funny. Yeah, I can consider Mana snitching Mono entertaining, but not that funny.

I would say that’s the only problem I have with this, but there’s one more.

Miss Monochrome herself.


Dear fucking LORD! I didn’t think any other anime character could beat McBlandold’s in bore and monotone, but she is up there, man! I mean, up there! 

And let me tell you guys a public secret about boring main characters.

I don’t give two shits whether everything else is funny/good/creative/amazing/whatever. If your main character is boring as a Mary-Sue, then it’s a very huge chance that your anime is going to fall flat on its motherfucking face.

So, do I hate this anime? Actually no. It’s not even boring enough for me to dislike it. Yes, it has its flaws, and I mean that flaw, but hey! It could be a lot worse than this.

Let’s carry on!


2 thoughts on “Miss Monochrome: First Impression

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