Galilei Donna: First Impression

galilei donna

Oh FUCK YEAH! Ever since this anime was announced, I’ve been waiting to watch the first episode.

And let me tell you one thing…

It didn’t disappoint. It didn’t disappoint at all.

The animation is beautiful, the story is amazing, the songs are amazing, the characters are amazing, especially my cutie pie Hozuki, the fight scenes are amazing, just EVERYTHING IS AMAZING!!!

“Wait a minute! How come you’re head over heals with Galilei Donna, but you pretty much can’t stand Beyond the Boundary?”

When Galilei Donna had a moe-ish scene, it lasted on a couple of minutes and had to do with the plot. With Beyond the Boundary, their moe scenes take up most of the ENTIRE FUCKING SHOW, and almost all of them had nothing to do with the plot. I’ll be lying if I said that I’m not being a total fangirl, because I am.

I’m definitely going to watch the next few episodes! Hope it doesn’t turn to shit like Watamote did!


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