Nagi no Asukara: Episode Two Thoughts


I’m still shocked and amazed with this world that the main characters are living in! I mean, like- WOW! AND I MEAN WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWIE WOW WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! And don’t get me started on that animation! Oh my GOD that beautiful animation!

Oh yeah. The actual content of the show… Well… you see…

Actually, let’s do a little list of what went on.

  1. Hikari is still a douche-bag.
  2. Manaka is still a crybaby.
  3. They’re still going to the school on land.
  4. Manaka has a crush on Tsumugu.
  5. Tsumugu likes the fish that was on Manaka.
  6. The fish got off of Manaka’s knee, so she has to lie about it.
  7. Akari, Hikari’s sister, is in love with a surface male.
  8. So is Manaka.
  9. Hikari and Chisaki don’t want Manaka to be in love with a surface male.
  10. You can get banished from the sea village just for being in love with a surface person.
  11. This is becoming a “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” anime, isn’t it?
  12. I’m probably just watching this for the worlds and the pretty animation.

Would this be correct?


Well, see you at episode three.


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