Strike the Blood: Episode Two Thoughts


On second thought, fuck this anime. It just got more boring and annoying.

What pissed me off this time?

Let’s start with the story of this episode, or as I would like to sum it all up because I lost about 20 IQ points watching it.

Yukina and Kojou befriend each other. Yukina moves in the apartment next door to Kojou, and what a surprise! Nagisa, Kojou’s sister knows Yukina, and they have a welcome dinner. Then Yukina and Kojou go to the convenience store, but then a Familiar or some bullshit happens, and Yukina tries to stop it. Then Kojou gets involved in the fight. And then… his true colors are shown.

Dear. God. Why?

The story kind of sucked, the comedy, or what lack of, sucks, the animation is actually good, the voice-acting is meh, the opening theme song- I can barely hear the singer’s voice at all due to the LOUD ASS INSTRUMENTAL. Hell, even the fighting scene sucks because from what I can remember, there wasn’t a whole lot of fighting and too much talking. Then again, I lost 20 IQ points watching this.

What the verdict say? It says this:


I’m some stupid bitch whining over a cartoon, and I say, “This was annoying.”. Have a nice day.



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