Gingitsune: Episode Two Thoughts


After my first impression, I thought I’d be dropping this by the second episode, or at the latest, the third. But to my surprise, it actually kind of got better.

The characters got better as well. I’m kind of seeing Gintaro and maybe Yumi as my favorites.

But, I digress. What’s the story this time?

When they get to school, Yumi and Makoto go to gym, and the vice-president of the student council, Hiwako, tells them to that Yumi is wasting her potential by wasting her time talking with her friends, and she also tells Makoto to be careful when choosing her friends. Thus Hiwako gets bullied. Makoto wants Yumi and Hiwako to apologize and get along, but they wouldn’t do it until the end. Then, Yumi’s “friends” corner Hiwako in the bathroom after Makoto invited Yumi to stay at her shrine. Makoto sees the entire thing, tries to help, but gets cornered as well. Yumi walks in and tells the dumb-asses to get the fuck out of her problems. Hiwako then loses it and releases emotions.

Remember when I told you that Yumi and she were going to make up, like a few sentences ago? Well, they did. And Makoto invites Hiwako to spend the night at her shrine. So they go to Makoto’s shrine, and that’s it. That’s the episode.

The character development, while a little slow, is doing pretty well. The style works for the series because it’s different, but not over the top like Kill la Kill. Still, I wish they’d show Gintaro more, but my wish could come true at some point. 

For what it is, it’s a pretty good show. It’s not the best in the Fall season (Galilei Donna has that.), but it’s a good show nonetheless. I say, check it out.


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