Non Non Biyori: Episode Two Thoughts


One episode later, and I still don’t know whether I like this anime or not…

Don’t get me wrong or anything of that sort; it got somewhat better. But for me to complete to actually complete a slice-of-life is kind of hard for me (unless it’s Nichijou).

What’s the story?

I would say none, but for this episode, there is one. What a shock! A slice-of-life anime has a story! Never thought I’d see this coming!

So anyway, Komachi asks Hotaru over to hang out. Of course, Hotaru agrees, and wants to dress up as an adult to impress her senpai.

Later, Hotaru arrives at the phone booth that Komachi was using (nearest to Ho-Ho’s house) dressed as an adult. Of course, a misunderstanding occurs, and Ko-Ko mistakes Ho-Ho as an actual adult. So they go to the candy store and buy shaved ice. Later, Ko-Ko calls to apologize for not waiting for her, but another misunderstanding occurs since Ho-Ho has already gone with her.

And that’s it.

You know, if it weren’t for the misunderstandings, this episode would’ve been great. But I can how this was supposed to be part of the episode.

Yeah, I’ll stay.


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