Gingitsune: Episode Three Thoughts


I’d run the fuck away too if I saw those faces when I first woke up.

Man, that ending to this episode was kind of depressing, don’t you think?

But, I digress.

What happened today?

Makoto finds a turtle, so she shows it to Gintaro and her father. But it turns out to be a herald. So Makoto and Gintaro have to find the shrine where the turtle lives (or a shrine where a turtle can live at). So they go on their way to the shrine but happen to meet Yumi and her boyfriend. However, it happens to be in a flea market. So they go to the flea market, but Makoto and Gintaro go to the shrine.

What about Yumi…?


It’s okay to be mad, Yumi.

Two heralds, Righty and Lefty, came out because Gintaro told them to wake up. Makoto asks if the turtle could stay with them. Neither of them have a problem with it. So they put the turtle in the lake in the shrine at return to the flea market. After buying something I assume, she and Gintaro return home, but Makoto seems depressed. She tells him that she’ll be dead before he’ll die.

Damn, that’s kind of sad…

But then it all turns into a happy ending by (I assume) realizing that Makoto should appreciate life.

And that’s it.

I like this episode. It has a good story, some humorous moments, and even a sad moment in the end.

Yeah, I’m staying. 


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