Miss Monochrome: Episode Four Thoughts


I’m starting to see a pattern with this show, and it looks like this:


And today’s episode was an up.

What’s the story?

Miss Monochrome sees a Kikuo nendoroid and wants to be one as well. Her manager tries to request her to be one, but she wasn’t popular enough. So she makes her own, and all of them were failures.

The next day arrives, and her manager made a nendoroid head for her. But the people mistake her as a mascot. So she ends up in the local mascot fair or something, and I ended up seeing Wooser.


Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life (He’s a cute one.)

Miss Monochrome ends up being a nendoroid, but people just recognize her as a mascot and not an idol.

I thought this show was funny. It gave me some comedic moments and told a decent story with it as well.

Hope to see you guys at the fifth one. And hope it’s not a bad one.


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