Non Non Biyori: Episode Three Thoughts


I can’t believe this…

I just can’t…



starting to…

like. This show.

I’m simply shocked. I thought I’d be dropping this by now, but no. It’s just getting better…

What happened?

The episode is about Komachi and Natsumi this time because apparently Komachi wasn’t in enough times as the main character. I think the creator liked her best. I don’t know.

So anyway, it’s the class outing today, so Natsumi and Komachi make rice balls for the class. However, when they get there, the teacher says that they were going to plant rice. Disappointed, the class plants rice except for Natsumi.

While planting rice, Komachi gets stuck in the mud. So Natusmi has to save her. Does she?

Not really since Renge fucks it up accidentally. And both sisters fall into the mud.

Speed up a few days later, the girls’ mother accuses Natsumi of breaking a pot. She denies it, telling her mom that Komachi saw a cat break it instead. Komachi accidentally denies this. So Natsumi and her mother start arguing, and Natsumi and Komachi run away to their secret place. There, Komachi brings back a lot of memories of the last time Natsumi ran away. Natsumi, of course, remembers, and they go home. Their mother, of course, worried about them. And it ends with a big dinner.

Man, what a Monday!

Funny moments, some character development, and a happy ending make this one of the best episodes in the anime so far.

Here’s to another great episode next week!


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