Gingitsune: Episode Four Thoughts


Did they really leave us on a cliffhanger?

Yes. They did. They actually did.

What’s the story?

A boy and his herald move into Makoto’s shrine. Gee, I wonder who?



You fuckers make things way too damn obvious, don’t you?

I digress, however.

The boy’s name is Satoru, and the herald’s name is Haru. What do I think of them?

Well, let’s see…

Oh yeah! Satoru is boring and Haru is an annoying little shit who needs his balls fixed. Why? Not because he practically bullies Makoto, his voice is annoying as well.

So anyway, they move in, and Makoto speaks to them in private. It turns out that Satoru is tired of Haru’s shit and wants to leave him hear.

Oh by the way, a shitty and generic back-story happens. I forgot to mention that.

The next day, Makoto oversleeps and gets to sleeping, but not before Satoru lol. Annoying Pain in the Scrotum insults Makoto more, and Sotaru finally tells him to piss off. Crying like a little butthurt baby, Annoying Pain in the Scrotum runs away. Makoto tries to fix things, but Satoru starts yelling at her as well.

Nothing is resolved, nothing is fixed…

… and that’s it…

Wow, that was certainly underwhelming… I hope this gets better soon.


2 thoughts on “Gingitsune: Episode Four Thoughts

  1. the impressive thing about this animation is that it looks to be old style hand drawn . although if they have achieved that with replication through software im unsure . through the various stages of animating translation is lost through the artists hand to the final piece as there are whole teams assigned to doing different jobs along the way . this commonly used style you see in Gingitsune is european style animation done by japanese . even the charecters are european as they are in a lot of japanese cartoons . for example all of the gundam series , ghibli films ,and thousands of others . the great thing that makes anime is the nation of japans acceptance of the art form of the cartoon on a appreciative level . this enables the mainstream to create cartoons for an audience of not just kids but for all . in europe cartoons are considered to be for children . this is the great devide between anime and and the rest of the worlds cartoons . and for me the greatest thing about animation anywhere is the scope there is to create . i like this show but i do not think i will be able to watch all of it . im re-watching 3×3 eyes.

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