Non Non Biyori: Episode Four Thoughts


Episode four’s ending has got to be the saddest ending I’ve ever received. I mean, Galilei Donna’s ending for the last episode wasn’t that sad.

What happened?

First off, they get report cards because it’s the end of term, and Renge gets a lot of good grades. Natsumi, surprisingly, made some good grades as well.

Actually, I’m fucking with you. She got a lot of bad grades.

After that, Renge’s sister, Hikage comes home from the city of Tokyo. She brags about how her city experiences was…

…and then Hotarun fucks it all up by appearing and telling about her life in the city. She also mentions that she moved to the country by airplane of all things. Impressed, the rest of the girls run to another room to hear about it except Hikage because she’s jealous.

And then, the sad part happens here.

Renge was just having a nice, ordinary summer when she notices a little girl holding a camera. She meets the girl, whose name is Honoka. The girls have fun in the country during the next few days. But when the next day comes, Renge knocks on her grandmother’s door only to be noted that Honoka left. Crying, Renge leaves.

And so did I, but I digress.

A week or so later, Renge gets a letter from Honoka, and that inspires her to write one back with a drawing.

That’s it. That’s the entire episode.

Man, for a slice-of-life, I like this show. It’s cute without trying too hard, *coughKyoAni* and it brings a little calmness to the show. So you can count me in!


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