Galilei Donna: Episode Four Thoughts


The good news is that Kazuki is less of a bitch.

The bad news is that she’s still a bitch.

Okay, let’s get this over with. What’s the story?

Hozuki finds an old man named Hans who turned out to be an engineer.

…or, at least he used to be…

He shows Kazuki and Hozuki a robot doctor he built for his daughter, who is dead.

The girls give him some food, and Kazuki runs the fuck away like a pansy she is.

Meanwhile, Anna searches around the goldfish, and speaking of goldfishes, the goldfish notices that Anna may not be up to any good.

So I guess that means that Anna is like Bartleby from Sonic Underground in some way…

Okay, I digress.

Later on, Hazuki and Hozuki go shopping when two air pirated try to catch them. The run all the way to the top of a building where Hazuki jumps. She encourages her sister to do the same. Hozuki doesn’t until the last minute. She jumps, but she didn’t make to the other side.

By that, I mean she hit her body (or as said head) on a bunch of cars. This leaves Hozuki in critical condition, so Kazuki has to get Hans to get the robot doctor before Hozuki dies.

But uh-oh! More air pirates try to shoot them down. So Kazuki, despite not knowing a damn thing about the goldfish, pilots it and shoots the bad guys down. Then they land so that the robot could work. However, it was too late… Hozuki dies.

Nah, I’m just fucking around with you guys! She lives and Kazuki apologizes and says that it was all because of jealousy.

What. the. FUCK?!


Anyways, it turns out to be a happy ending because Hans had the moon sketch the entire time. But he was using it as a dish because it was big enough.



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