Nagi no Asukara: Episode Five Thoughts


I wonder what happened?

So Chikasi is late for school, walking slowly when Tsumugu sees her. She tells him that she likes Hikari in a boyfriend/girlfriend sort of way, but oh SHIT! Manaka catches her in the act, and Chi-chan tells her to forget it.

Meanwhile, Akari is trying to break up with Miuna’s dad, but he ain’t having none of that shit.

Speaking of Miuna, she goes missing. Everyone notices, and Hikari and gang find her. She was reported found near a bunch of trash cans near a store. She tells them not to let her dad know about her whereabouts. They cook some fish and miso soup.

Then… she attempts suicide by drowning herself…? And Hikari saves her… I don’t know. I’m confused.

The next day, Akari finds her, and starts crying that she’s never gonna leave, and Miuna calms down and gets over her little hatred over Akari being her new mom.

So, yeah…

I’m confused about my own opinions about this show.


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