Non Non Biyori: Episode Five Thoughts


Well shit. A beach episode. Because apparently there’s no such thing as a slice-of-life anime without a fucking beach episode! Was it as shitty as I expected?

Actually, no. It was kind of a surprise this time.

What happened at the beach?

Actually, it starts with an exercise. As much as an exercise as Renge starts dancing, which is pretty good for a first grader. Then, they have breakfast at Natsumi’s and Komari’s house later to have soup. And then…


Natsumi and Renge just have fun like little kids while Renge’s sister and Komachi sit under the umbrella talking about Komachi’s height, which pisses her off because we all know that she’s a midget. Then Hotaru meets up with them in her bikini, and the best part of this show is that Renge’s sister questions Hotaru’s age. 

Meanwhile, Renge and Natsumi practically bury Nat’s brother alive.

I can see how Natsumi might become a serial killer someday…

MEANWHILE, Komari gets everyone juice when two guys mistake her for a little kid, so she gets placed in the lost kids place. So now everyone has to find her! They look for her everywhere, but not a speck was found! UNTIL…

an announcement! Komari gets found!

And then they leave the beach to go on a train to a train station for another train to take them home! However, the four girls go to a soup kitchen for a bowl of soup. Natsumi fucks up her soup, trades her for her sister’s soup, and Komari’s mouth burns. Feeling some remorse, Natsumi eats the rest of the soup and gets her mouth burnt as well. When the girls notice that it’s time for their train, they rush and make it. But guess who didn’t?

If you guessed the brother, you’re wrong. He somehow made it alive.

If you guessed Renge sister’s you’re correct. She was asleep.

Now you know, and I somehow liked this episode.


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