Miss Monochrome: Episode Six Thoughts


This was a downie until the end.

What happens?

First off, we get an introduction of Miss Monochrome herself, which should’ve happened in the first or second episode, but okay then. Next, we see her as the protagonist in a drama. She was supposed to save a child from a FIRE, WHAT THE FUCK GUYS?! But instead of that, she ends up saving Ruu-chan.

Well, at least Ruu-chan won’t be the South Park’s Kenny of this anime.

Finally, her manager recommends her to be in a show where cameramen go to idols’ houses to surprise them. Miss Monochrome agrees, and pretends to fall asleep. The cameramen go to her room to surprise her, and she pretends to be shocked. In fact, she exaggerates it so much that she kicks the battery thing, causing her to die or something like that, and scaring the living shit out of them, meaning that the show was canned.

This was kind of boring actually. The End.


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