Galilei Donna: Episode Five Thoughts


I don’t know. Does Theo look a little like Kagamine Len? You know, the blond shota Vocaloid?

Damn, this was sad. By sad, I mean FUCKING DEPRESSING!!!

What happens?

The sisters land in the Netherlands. As they get gunned down…

…by friendly armed thieves who happen to be against Adni Moon like them, they get invited in as they tell the girls that the lower class’s energy has been cut. The girls find this awful, and Hozuki excuses herself to go to the bathroom. While away, she meets a boy named Theo.

And what do you know? They have the same interests!

So Theo shows Hozuki a telescope that I guess Galileo made… and he shows another telescope that he made himself. He was going to give his telescope to a girl named Karen for her birthday. Theo comments that it’s hard to talk to Karen because she’s not interested in Galileo like Hozuki and he is.

Cut to the next day, Karen and Hozuki talk about Theo, which lasts a short time. Then, Theo and Hozuki find the moon sketch! So they show Ludweg, or whatever his name is, I can’t seem to remember, but he tells them that he can’t fight with them anymore. Then, a bunch of enemies come to bomb this place, so Hozuki tries to run while trying to save Theo and Karen. Being told that it would be too dangerous to save them, she reluctantly leaves them behind. And then…

…Theo and Karen die in a bombing.

The End.

Damn, I can’t believe I didn’t cry because this was daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn sad. Like, this was sadder than the third episode of Binbougami Ga!. And I fucking cried during that time!

Yeah, I’m definitely going to stay for the series.


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