Nagi no Asukara: Episode Six Thoughts


God, Chisaki is kind of a bitch, isn’t she?

Okay, I digress. What happened?

It’s time to swim as the kids are actually getting along this time.

Why am I not surprised? Because it’s predictable, that why! 8D

So they do exercises first, then a race. It’s Hikari vs Kaname vs Tsumugu. They start swimming, but Hikari is losing. Getting motivated by Manaka, he swims faster and touches the edge of the pool with his feet to swim back. However, he hurts his toe in there. Manaka jumps in to save him. So then they go to the nurse to get his toe better. Chisaki instead swims for Manaka.


Damn, that must’ve hurt.

Later, they remake the sea lady. Actually, the entire class, Sayu, and Miuna remake the entire thing. Manaka and Hikari were late, and when Chisaki sees them, she makes up a bullshit excuse to go home. Manaka follows her, but Chi-chan tells her to fuck off because she broke a promise that was supposed to be about not dating Hikari for Chi-chan loves Hikari as well.


Poor Kaname. Along with Tsumugu, you’re my favorite character in the show.

Then, a bunch of shitty back-story bullshit happens, and then something called a Tomoebi shows and they both watch it, apologize, and explain about their friendship.

Oh, and do you want to know WHY exactly they got into a big fight as little kids? Yeah, let me tell you.

Because Manaka apparently zoned Chisaki out while she was explaining the Tomoebi. Yeah, that’s why. And that’s a stupid fucking reason as well. Fuck that chick; she needs to get a dildo shoved up her anus, and without consent as well. Yeah, I hate Chisaki as much as Kazuki. But you know what? At least Kazuki has SOMEWHAT of a good reason to act like a spoiled bitch. Chisaki doesn’t. That’s the difference.

Sigh, well this kind of sucks.


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