SomeBitchyPikoFan’s Clusterfuck #1~!


I was lazy and decided not to do each anime per post, so I made this clusterfuck so that I wouldn’t do so much work.

  • Gingitsune~ Episode Six~


You know, I’m kind of getting tired of Satoru.

What happened?

Makoto and her father have a welcoming party for Satoru, and she in invites Yumi and Hiwako to the party.

It’s nice to see these two again…

Satoru does not open up, and I can somewhat agree with this. Why? Because THEY KEEP FUCKING STALKING HIM!

So he goes to his room to study, and Haru the technically dead fox tells him to open up and talk to them. Does Satoru open up? Does this show try too hard? The answer to both is yes.

So the girls barge into his room to ask more question, and Yumi even takes a photo of him. Then…

…he snaps.

He fucking snaps. He gets onto them, and then they apologize for their bad behavior. Then they have some fun and ironically, Haru gets jealous. The End.

Ha ha ha ha fuck this shit.

  • Non Non Biyori~ Episode Six~


You know, something about this atmosphere in Non Non Biyori makes me like this show.

 We start off by Natsumi’s mom scolding her youngest daughter for her poor grades. Natsumi, of course, makes up a bunch of bullshit excuses and claims that she never fucks up.

…Yeah, Natsumi is definitely going to become a serial killer…

So her mom tells her to review her lesson while Komari and Nii-chan listens to her. Mom, guessing that both children are eavesdropping, tells them to come out while mentioning that Komari’s English grade has dropped. So they run away.

Meanwhile, at Hotaru’s house…


Oh. Dear. God.

JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESUS, woman! I can understand that you want senpai to notice you. Hell, I can even understand that you have a crush on her as well. But maybe you should get into psychiatric help and a little bit of rehab as well.

So anyway, Renge, Natsumi, and Komari go to Hotaru’s house to play and perhaps study. Renge tries to find some toys when she notices the closet that the Komari plushes are in, and tells Hotaru to pretend that she’s a demon or else she’ll open the closet. Hotaru, embarrassed, goes along with it.

Meanwhile, Komari looks at pictures of Hotaru as a little kid. She mentions that the picture of Hotaru in the country was near here. Ho-Ho tells her that some of her relatives live in the country. While pretending to be a demon, she accidentally opens the closet door, and out goes the Komari plushes. So then the girls make plushes for a project.

Speaking of that Ho-Ho picture, Komari asks when it was taken. And do you know the answer…?

Last year. In fourth grade. She’s in fifth grade.

Then, Natsumi plays a truth or dare game by going to a shrine to put a five-yen-coin and running back. Komari gets to be the scarer, and I have to admit, she does a horrible job at it. But you know what? It’s cute, and that’s all.

Then without knowing, Nii-chan does the dare successfully. Komari goes to the shrine, and sees a coin, not knowing that her brother did this, thinks that a ghost did this. She goes down the stairs and notices everyone there. So they have some fireworks because Hotaru and Renge thought that they were just going to have fireworks. And that’s the show.

I think that out of the three that I’m doing here, this is the best.

Man, Nii-chan has a lot of balls. I think that he has the biggest balls in anime.

  • Miss Monochrome~ Episode Seven~


Oh dear God… where do I begin?

We start off with Miss Monochrome on break, watching a Kikuo “concert” (if I can call it that) when the pink idol was holding something. Monochrome tells her manager that she was missing a prop, so her gives her a bunch of cleaning supplies, but none of them work. She then tells her manager that none of those props were working. So the manager tells her about Hatsune Miku and her prop, a leek. He then tells her that maybe she could use a vegetable as a prop. So she plants a bunch of veggies, and it all ends with tea and veggies.

I didn’t think that an episode would be as stupid as episode three, but this beat it by a mile. Miss Monochrome is boring.

Well, that’s that. You guys think that I should do this more often?


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