Galilei Donna: Episode Six Thoughts


You know what this show needs?

Yeah… more mommy killing. And we might as well have daddy killing as well. Fuck, we’ll just kill a shitload of people because A-1 Studios is full of MERCILESS MURDERERS! You know, like AnoHana.

Okay, so what happened?

Hazuki is trying to recover from a cold, so stupid bitch and Hozuki try to steal some medicine from a local hospital. Meanwhile, the Adni Moon guy, or Roberto, is controlling the hospital. And then we go to this REEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAALY cool back-story. Here’s what happened:

It was his eleventh birthday, and a really huge feast set for him. But then they hear some poor people begging for food, and his father gives them a lot of the birthday food just to be nice. But then after a couple of months later, an earthquake or something happens, and a lot of people die. His parents also die, but before his father does, Roberto notices the same two poor people and begs them to save his father. However, they go to his mother and steal her necklace.

I guess I can see why he hates poor people as a whole.

Anyway, so Kazzo the Spazzo and Hozuki try to steal the medicine, but the Bambina guy notices them and starts to tease them. Kazzo the Spazzo tells him that they’re trying to save their sister, and he stops because he has a crush on her.

So they get the medicine and try to escape before Hazuki dies, but they can’t get out. Then, two of Bambina’s henchmen help them, and this is why.

They were being abused in an orphanage, and the Bambina guy stepped up and told the adults that they were being disgusting. So all the orphans fall for them.

Huh, maybe the Bambina wasn’t such a bad guy after all…

Meanwhile, the electricity goes out on the first floor, but not the second floor. The doctor says that if the electricity goes out in the second floor, the people there would die. But the people on the first floor wouldn’t have that shit, so they start to beat the shit out of the doctor. Then Roberto starts shooting them all of them because all poor people are selfish little shits!

Then the Bambina dude starts to get into a fight with Roberto. Then, Kazzo the Spazzo and Hozuki go to the first floor to give the medicine to Hazuki, but they got into a fight. So Hozuki’s necklace thingie glows and knocks everyone out. Then, the girls leave and give the medicine to Hazuki.

Oh, and Roberto tries to shoot the Bambina guy, but he ran out of bullets.

Man, that was a lot of killing. And I FUCKING LOVED IT!


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