Gingitsune: Episode Seven Thoughts


Fuck, this again? I already have enough problems with the characters in the show, why do I need more?

Okay, so what pissed me off this time?

It starts off with Yumi’s boyfriend calling for Mi-chan, the cat from the first episode. A monk tries to run away to home because apparently ghosts are running the place. Later that day, Makoto, Gin, Haru, and Satoru, go to the temple to investigate when Makoto sees two monkey heralds making pranks on the people and Haru. And I swear, they have the most annoying voices ever.

Because apparently, Haru wasn’t enough.

So Gin tries to get these two little shits to shut the fuck and stop pranking, but that fails. After that, Makoto asks why they’re always pranking people since they’re hurting people. Are you ready for this?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11…

They just want to cheer people up during mourning times.

Okay, what the fuck? The main reason why people go to temples, from my inference, is to MOURN THE FUCKING DEAD. I highly doubt that trying to cheer those people up will actually cheer them up. You know, because THESE PEOPLE ARE MOURNING THE DEAD AND WOULD NOT WANT TO BE BOTHERED WHILE MOURNING!

So Makoto tells them that pranking the people at the temple is not going to cheer them up, but instead, helping is the answer. So the monkeys learn their lesson, and stop pranking.

What a fucking understatement.  Sometimes, I feel like dropping this anime. This is one of those times. But other times, I don’t want to drop this.


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