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Miss Monochrome: Episode Six Thoughts


This was a downie until the end.

What happens?

First off, we get an introduction of Miss Monochrome herself, which should’ve happened in the first or second episode, but okay then. Next, we see her as the protagonist in a drama. She was supposed to save a child from a FIRE, WHAT THE FUCK GUYS?! But instead of that, she ends up saving Ruu-chan.

Well, at least Ruu-chan won’t be the South Park’s Kenny of this anime.

Finally, her manager recommends her to be in a show where cameramen go to idols’ houses to surprise them. Miss Monochrome agrees, and pretends to fall asleep. The cameramen go to her room to surprise her, and she pretends to be shocked. In fact, she exaggerates it so much that she kicks the battery thing, causing her to die or something like that, and scaring the living shit out of them, meaning that the show was canned.

This was kind of boring actually. The End.


Non Non Biyori: Episode Five Thoughts


Well shit. A beach episode. Because apparently there’s no such thing as a slice-of-life anime without a fucking beach episode! Was it as shitty as I expected?

Actually, no. It was kind of a surprise this time.

What happened at the beach?

Actually, it starts with an exercise. As much as an exercise as Renge starts dancing, which is pretty good for a first grader. Then, they have breakfast at Natsumi’s and Komari’s house later to have soup. And then…


Natsumi and Renge just have fun like little kids while Renge’s sister and Komachi sit under the umbrella talking about Komachi’s height, which pisses her off because we all know that she’s a midget. Then Hotaru meets up with them in her bikini, and the best part of this show is that Renge’s sister questions Hotaru’s age. 

Meanwhile, Renge and Natsumi practically bury Nat’s brother alive.

I can see how Natsumi might become a serial killer someday…

MEANWHILE, Komari gets everyone juice when two guys mistake her for a little kid, so she gets placed in the lost kids place. So now everyone has to find her! They look for her everywhere, but not a speck was found! UNTIL…

an announcement! Komari gets found!

And then they leave the beach to go on a train to a train station for another train to take them home! However, the four girls go to a soup kitchen for a bowl of soup. Natsumi fucks up her soup, trades her for her sister’s soup, and Komari’s mouth burns. Feeling some remorse, Natsumi eats the rest of the soup and gets her mouth burnt as well. When the girls notice that it’s time for their train, they rush and make it. But guess who didn’t?

If you guessed the brother, you’re wrong. He somehow made it alive.

If you guessed Renge sister’s you’re correct. She was asleep.

Now you know, and I somehow liked this episode.

Gingitsune: Episode Five Thoughts


Wait, where was I again?

Oh yeah…

Satoru tries to find Haru all by himself. That fails, however, so he gets help from Makoto and Gintaro.

Oh yeah, you wanna know how Haru became a God?

By a dead fox. She got ran over by a car. Like 80 years ago… yeah… Haru’s a girl…


Oh yeah, did I mention that Satoru had a terrible childhood? Well, you know now!

So anyway, we finally end by finding Haru and Haru being an annoying little shit.

Damn, this kind of sucked. I hope episode six gets better.

Oh by the way, how come every character I’ve met named Haru is either boring or annoying? It’s kind of over-kill, don’t you think?

Are Character Songs Really Necessary?


Ever since I’ve been thinking about these mostly “wonderful” character songs, I’ve always asked myself one question.

Are they really that necessary?

Now don’t get me wrong; I don’t think that all of them are unnecessary. For example, anime like K-ON! and IdolM@sters are necessary because for IdolM@sters, the characters are idols, or aspiring idols. Plus, the people behind IdolM@sters use these songs for games and the openings/endings of the anime. For K-ON!, while not as necessary as IdolM@sters, the characters form a band, so it makes some sense to have at least a few character songs.

However, for many series, mainly Haruhi, they really are not necessary. Again, I ask this:

Are they really necessary? And why?

Personally, I think the companies are doing this because of mostly one thing:


You see, we live in a world where capitalism dominates nearly everything. And character songs are definitely no exception.

So for me, the answer is no. They’re practically a waste of time and a waste of money. If you think different, then good for you, more power to you. But as this post stands, I’m not a big fan of them.

Nagi no Asukara: Episode Five Thoughts


I wonder what happened?

So Chikasi is late for school, walking slowly when Tsumugu sees her. She tells him that she likes Hikari in a boyfriend/girlfriend sort of way, but oh SHIT! Manaka catches her in the act, and Chi-chan tells her to forget it.

Meanwhile, Akari is trying to break up with Miuna’s dad, but he ain’t having none of that shit.

Speaking of Miuna, she goes missing. Everyone notices, and Hikari and gang find her. She was reported found near a bunch of trash cans near a store. She tells them not to let her dad know about her whereabouts. They cook some fish and miso soup.

Then… she attempts suicide by drowning herself…? And Hikari saves her… I don’t know. I’m confused.

The next day, Akari finds her, and starts crying that she’s never gonna leave, and Miuna calms down and gets over her little hatred over Akari being her new mom.

So, yeah…

I’m confused about my own opinions about this show.

Galilei Donna: Episode Four Thoughts


The good news is that Kazuki is less of a bitch.

The bad news is that she’s still a bitch.

Okay, let’s get this over with. What’s the story?

Hozuki finds an old man named Hans who turned out to be an engineer.

…or, at least he used to be…

He shows Kazuki and Hozuki a robot doctor he built for his daughter, who is dead.

The girls give him some food, and Kazuki runs the fuck away like a pansy she is.

Meanwhile, Anna searches around the goldfish, and speaking of goldfishes, the goldfish notices that Anna may not be up to any good.

So I guess that means that Anna is like Bartleby from Sonic Underground in some way…

Okay, I digress.

Later on, Hazuki and Hozuki go shopping when two air pirated try to catch them. The run all the way to the top of a building where Hazuki jumps. She encourages her sister to do the same. Hozuki doesn’t until the last minute. She jumps, but she didn’t make to the other side.

By that, I mean she hit her body (or as said head) on a bunch of cars. This leaves Hozuki in critical condition, so Kazuki has to get Hans to get the robot doctor before Hozuki dies.

But uh-oh! More air pirates try to shoot them down. So Kazuki, despite not knowing a damn thing about the goldfish, pilots it and shoots the bad guys down. Then they land so that the robot could work. However, it was too late… Hozuki dies.

Nah, I’m just fucking around with you guys! She lives and Kazuki apologizes and says that it was all because of jealousy.

What. the. FUCK?!


Anyways, it turns out to be a happy ending because Hans had the moon sketch the entire time. But he was using it as a dish because it was big enough.


Non Non Biyori: Episode Four Thoughts


Episode four’s ending has got to be the saddest ending I’ve ever received. I mean, Galilei Donna’s ending for the last episode wasn’t that sad.

What happened?

First off, they get report cards because it’s the end of term, and Renge gets a lot of good grades. Natsumi, surprisingly, made some good grades as well.

Actually, I’m fucking with you. She got a lot of bad grades.

After that, Renge’s sister, Hikage comes home from the city of Tokyo. She brags about how her city experiences was…

…and then Hotarun fucks it all up by appearing and telling about her life in the city. She also mentions that she moved to the country by airplane of all things. Impressed, the rest of the girls run to another room to hear about it except Hikage because she’s jealous.

And then, the sad part happens here.

Renge was just having a nice, ordinary summer when she notices a little girl holding a camera. She meets the girl, whose name is Honoka. The girls have fun in the country during the next few days. But when the next day comes, Renge knocks on her grandmother’s door only to be noted that Honoka left. Crying, Renge leaves.

And so did I, but I digress.

A week or so later, Renge gets a letter from Honoka, and that inspires her to write one back with a drawing.

That’s it. That’s the entire episode.

Man, for a slice-of-life, I like this show. It’s cute without trying too hard, *coughKyoAni* and it brings a little calmness to the show. So you can count me in!