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Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

I just watched Pupipo! today. Yeah, I kind of have been hyping it in my head for a while. So I watched it, and I’m very disappointed. I thought it was going to be much cooler than this.

See you on the dark side of the coon then.

Yours Truly,



Let’s Review Fanime! Chapter One

Yeah… I’m back.

Yeah… I’m reviewing.

And yeah, I’m thinking about dropping Miss Monochrome. But that’s not the topic here. We’re talking about Insanity: the Fanime.

Gee, I wonder where the creator got the title from…

Before we get to the shitty parts, let’s get to the good parts, the parts that you all hate because 99.99% of you assholes followed me to see me throw a temper tantrum over an anime. The animation’s pretty good, and the voice-acting is decent for the most part (the main character monotone).

Fortunately, I can’t say any positive points for the rest of it. Mainly the story. I know it’s the first part of the first episode, but the story is just flat out confusing, and the creator doesn’t really explain it well either. So it’s about this girl, and there’s a glass that’s separating her, and she has magical powers, and…. that’s all I know.

Another thing about the story is that at the end of that video at the top of this review, the story goes too fast. Like first, it was going at a okay pace, and then BAM! Break the glass and that’s it.


Another problem is the main character, Sadako. I don’t know if people would shit on me, but I think that this girl is a Mary-Sue. I mean, she’s got powers, a bad back-story, she’s beautiful, the works. This is one of my main problems with this fanime.

Another problem seems to be the people that “bully” the protagonist. There’s no real reason behind it.

And then… the biggest problem. It’s boring. There’s nothing that’s really memorable about it.

Overall, this is pretty bad fanime so far. I give a 40/F.


Some Awards I’ve Made Up

So while I was watching some anime so that some may be mentioned, I was also thinking of some titles to go along with the awards. Not the typical ones that are named “Best of 2013” and such as. No, I mean some original ones because I am HUGE on originality. So here are some titles for the awards ceremony so far.

  1. Bestest Quality
  2. Shittiest Quality
  3. Satire/Parody Done Right
  4. Biggest Cock-tease
  5. Most Disappointed
  6. Most Surprised
  7. What I Expected
  8. Biggest Pussy
  9. Most Balls
  10. How the Fuck was This a Hit?
  11. How the Fuck was This NOT a Hit?
  12. Ultimate Platinum
  13. Ultimate Shit
  14. The Tryhard Award
  15. Biggest Douche-bag
  16. The New Aya Hirano
  17. The Mikuru Asahina Award
  18. Anime That Needs to Die Already

I’ll probably make more titles, but these are the ones I could come up with in a flash.

Why I’m Not Updating as of Right Now


I’ll tell you why.

  • I’m lazy.


  • I plan on updating at the end of the year with a list mostly full of unpopular opinions.

Also because I have school, but no one cares about that.

So, I guess you can say that this is sort of a hiatus. Either way, see you at the end if you get the reference.