Some Awards I’ve Made Up

So while I was watching some anime so that some may be mentioned, I was also thinking of some titles to go along with the awards. Not the typical ones that are named “Best of 2013” and such as. No, I mean some original ones because I am HUGE on originality. So here are some titles for the awards ceremony so far.

  1. Bestest Quality
  2. Shittiest Quality
  3. Satire/Parody Done Right
  4. Biggest Cock-tease
  5. Most Disappointed
  6. Most Surprised
  7. What I Expected
  8. Biggest Pussy
  9. Most Balls
  10. How the Fuck was This a Hit?
  11. How the Fuck was This NOT a Hit?
  12. Ultimate Platinum
  13. Ultimate Shit
  14. The Tryhard Award
  15. Biggest Douche-bag
  16. The New Aya Hirano
  17. The Mikuru Asahina Award
  18. Anime That Needs to Die Already

I’ll probably make more titles, but these are the ones I could come up with in a flash.


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