Wake Up, Girls!: First Impression


Well, I wasn’t really looking forward to this show, but you know what?







It wasn’t that bad.

Yeah, I was pretty surprised myself. This wasn’t half-bad.

First off, the characters seem to be decent enough from what I know, and none of them are annoying enough for hatred. These seem like real people. The realism in here is really fascinating! I also like how there’s competition, making it again, more realistic. It shows a pretty accurate part of Japanese idols. The other good thing is, surprisingly, the character designs.



No shit. That’s the good thing about it. They pretty much look the same to get the accuracy of Japanese idols. They don’t all look different like IdolM@sters. They look the same, but I can still tell which character is which by personality.

However, there are some flaws with this show as well. Namely, the animation and the quality. My God is it poor. Especially this scene.


Was this really necessary?

It looks like an amateur did this. Hell, it doesn’t even look like an amateur did this. It looks like a fifth-grader did this during computer class when he/she got bored. And that’s pretty sad when I consider all the good points I put up above.

But, despite these flaws, this is a keeper.


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