World Conquest Zvezda Plot: First Impression


Shit… this is going to be a tough one to do. Okay, so what do I think about this?

It’s not bad, but it’s certainly not the greatest. Like, I don’t really have much of a feeling towards it, know what I’m saying?

So what’re the goods?

First off, the animation is pretty damn decent. It’s pretty solid and it works with the show. And I do like Kate. She’s entertaining and pretty funny. The concept is pretty well executed. And some of the moments are funny, especially towards the end.

So.. what’re the bads?

The opening theme song is pretty bland and boring, which is kind of sad since Maaya Sakamoto is actually a pretty good singer. And the other characters in the show are pretty boring.

I don’t know. Should I keep or drop this show?








I think I’ll keep.


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