I’m bored. Let’s call out some bullshit.


It’s been a pretty long time since I called anyone’s bullshit (probably where 45% of my followers come here for) out. So I decided to celebrate Hobbes Day by doing so. Let’s start today, shall we?

I am here to defend YOHIOloid, because I can’t bare to see the lack of defense for my favorite VOCALOID.


sounds like Piko, sounds like a genderbent Lily

No, every Vocaloid sounds unique. YOHIOloid’s voice isn’t near as high pitched and nasally as Piko, and his voice is not as strong as Lily’s. Heck, his voice isn’t even as strong as Piko’s.

Every Vocaloid sounds unique…

Mr., the newest Vocaloid, Kokone, would like for you to step in her office for a minute. 

Okay, there’s your joke for today. On the serious note, you remember a small little rant I made on my MMD account where I rant about a topic that I still have the same opinion on? Yeah, you guys should read this, then come back to me, okay?

And while I do agree that Yohioloid does have his own voice that sounds unique, I can still see where the original complainer was going. Sure, he doesn’t sound like Piko in anyway, but he kind of does sound like a genderbent Lily.

bland design

It’s not bland, if you ask me. It’s not complex, but it certainly is unique from others. That’s just my opinion though. But have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, you can modify his appearance to fit your headcanon? Every VOCALOID’s design is pretty much just a base, and you’re allowed to imagine them looking differently from their original design.

Bland doesn’t equal not unique (at least to me). I can agree with you, OP, on the fact that on its own, Yohioloid’s character design is not bland, and it is also unique. However, comparing it to other designs, yes, it kind of is bland. Especially when you compare it to a newer Vocaloid, Maika. It’s unique, yes. But unique ≠ good.

no good songs

You probably haven’t bothered looking for many songs, then. Try looking beyond his demo songs and popular songs. Please give him a chance and actually look hard for good original songs.

OP, fuck you. No really, fuck you. You don’t know this person. In fact, he/she might’ve looked up and listened to a bunch of Yohioloid’s songs, unpopular and popular. Don’t judge; it’s a rude thing to do.

not having a better name

He’s also being used to promote the singer, YOHIO. He is essentially the VOCALOID version of YOHIO, and they’re making it clear that he is the VOCALOID of YOHIO.

And that is what makes him a cash cow. This Vocaloid was made only to promote the singer YOHIO and nothing else. There is no other reason for this Vocaloid’s existence. Plus, there are ways to promote a singer and make it subtle at the same time. Gumi is a great example of this. At a first glance, some people may not know that this Vocaloid is promoting Megumi Nakajima. But if they do some research and find out some clues, it becomes apparent. Same with Lily.

not professional

Vocatone is a fairly new VOCALOID company, so they’re not as experienced and professional as the big VOCALOID companies, so of course his voice doesn’t sound as professional. As for his Japanese voice, this was their first time making a Japanese speaking vocal, so it’s understandable why he wouldn’t sound as good as other Japanese VOCALOIDs.

Hello, Vocatone has also made another Vocaloid. You, late in December of 2011. Yeah, his is Oliver, and he wants to tell you that he’s insulted because his voice is higher quality and more professional sounding than Yohioloid. If this was Oliver you were defending for this argument, I would understand. But it’s not. Bplats was a small company, and they managed to make some the highest quality Vocaloids out there- VY1 and VY2. And don’t forget that the quality for Yohioloid’s Japanese quality is the same as his English. 

Agree or disagree? Either way, it’s the end of the show for me.



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