Let’s Review a Fanime: Quest to Save Gumi

“Shouldn’t this be on your MMD account?”

Yes, but this a reviewing account primarily, so it counts. Don’t worry; I’ll reblog this review to it.

Anyways, let’s review Quest to Save Gumi!

First, I want to say that the animation in the series is beautiful! I mean, gorgeous! The best MMD animation I’ve seen in a long time! I am certainly not joking about it!

However, just because a show has great visuals doesn’t mean that it’s automatically great *coughKyoAnicough*. And that’s where the problems begin.

The characters are extremely one-dimensional and have no depth to them. Especially the villains. In fact, the creator of this series, dEBUG, never really reveals why the villains want to kidnap Gumi, the title character. Maybe they’ll explain later on, but it still kind of baffles me. The dialogue is also painful to read as well, but hey! That’s what you get when you have bland, one-dimensional characters. The pacing’s okay, I do have to admit. But the biggest problem of this show is the opening sequence.

My God. If I were as sensitive as the average Tumblr user, I’d call the opening sequence disrespectful to the show’s concept. Actually, fuck it. I’m just going to say it publicly:


I mean, damn! Way to shit on your own show, douche. It doesn’t fit, it hasn’t fit, and it will NEVER fit. It’s way too happy and upbeat for the dark and serious tone the show displays. If you want an upbeat opening sequence that fits the show’s concept and tone, watch Sonic SatAM and then come back to talk to me. Or hell, why not just use the ending sequence as the opening sequence? It fits with the show damn fine.

Overall, I give this a 60/D.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Review a Fanime: Quest to Save Gumi

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