Go! Go! 575 Review


I would’ve made an MMD picture, but I lack motivation.

By self demands, Go! Go! 575 review!

Wow… only four episodes… I can’t believe it ended that soon. And you know what?


Holy shit; a picture!

It still sucked.

What’re the goods?

First off, the animation is very well done for a short that barely anyone knows about, and the voice-acting is pretty decent as well.

Aaaaaaaaaand… that’s about it. Everything else is bad. Let’s start with the characters.

Azuki is the clichéd happy, dumb, bubbly girl kind of like Tomo Takino from Azumanga Daioh.

Matcha is the clichéd calm, smart, level-headed girl kind of like… Yomi from… Azumanga Daioh…

Yuzu is a perverted fuck like that girl from… KissxSis I guess… And if there’s anything I need to say, it’s that you shouldn’t rip off characters from KissxSis because that anime is fucking awful!

Another bad thing about the anime is the opening theme song. The voice actors don’t blend in and harmonize well enough to make it effective, and it makes me question why these two are in a group together in the first place.

It’s like Piko’s disappointment song, “Kotonoha”, except that the first minute-and-a-half was amazing.

The second worst thing about the anime is the fact that the girls barely do anything at all. If you don’t what I mean because you thought this was a slice-of-life, read this.

Two girls are trying to come up with a haiku for a contest, so they need to practice the lines and dances in order to have a chance of winning.

All through the anime, they rarely do any of that. And when they do practice, it’s only in 5% of the anime. They mostly just eat, talk, and go to public bathhouses.

But you wanna know the worst part about this? No really, guess. I fucking dare you.







They didn’t give the show a proper ending.

That’s right. The show technically didn’t end. It goes from the three girls uploading their dance video on the internet to you’ve completed the anime.


WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT! This type of ending reminds me of Lucky Star’s ending, and the less I say about that the better. Now to the show’s credit (or as much as I can give it), there is going to be an episode five which introduces another character. But you know what? I highly doubt that it’s going to be a better ending than what I’ve already received.

Overall, this show gets a 29/F. Don’t bother watching this because you’ll end up being disappointed.

Also, I have yet to watch Noragami.



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