Thoughts on Noragami so Far (From the First Three Episodes)




Oh wow… I actually got around to watching Noragami before the Winter Season ended… and it’s two reviews on the same day! Pretty damn cool, don’t you think?

That aside, what do I think of this show? Is it as fantastic as many have said? Is it the best anime of Winter 2014?

Both answers are going to be no. I was pretty damn disappointed with this series.

But first, some good things about this show because people will start complaining if I don’t put in some good things in it.

The animation is pretty fucking awesome, and that’s definitely a good thing when considering the action scenes, which are also good. They’re very fun to watch what exactly happens to the phantoms when they die. The song that plays during the fight scenes, while can get repetitive a little, is just damn awesome. But you wanna know the best part about this show?

The opening theme song.

HOT DAMN!!! This is one of the best songs of 2014 anime!!! The hook is amazing, it’s extremely catchy, and the singing is the most FUCKING AWESOME THING I’VE EVER LISTENED TO IN A LONG TIME!!!  HOW THERE AREN’T ANY MORE THEME SONGS LIKE THIS IS BEYOND ME!

Phew. Now that I got that out of the way, let’s talk about the reason you’re here, aka, what I don’t like about the show. As much as you would like some, I only have two flaws with the show.

First is the ending theme song. Tia, the singer behind this song, tries a little too hard with this song. I can’t pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with this song too much, but I feel an awkward miasma with this. It just feels like Tia’s voice just doesn’t belong in this anime, that it was more for… Piko… and… Piko…


Where the fuck is he?

Ah, damn it. I have a review to do, and I’m letting my daydreams get to me.


Anyways, back to the review!

The worst thing about this anime are the characters. Let’s start with our main protagonist Yato. He’s an asshole and a hypocrite.

He claims that if people are suicidal, then we should let him/her commit suicide. However, when someone was about to commit suicide, he slashes the phantom into pieces, preventing the person from committing suicide.


People are going to defend it by calling it character development, but I call bullshit.

Let’s move on to another character, preferably Hiyori. My God, what a useless bitch. She rarely does anything in this anime at all. I mean, yeah, people can argue that she saved Yato from a bus in the first episode. But other than that, she just stands there and does absolutely nothing. If I took her out of the series, nothing of value would really change.

The only considerably good character in this show is Yukine, and even on some occasions I consider him a brat.

Overall, I give this show a 70/C-. If you like action, go ahead and watch it. But me personally, it’s just not my cup of tea.




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