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Mekakucity Actors: First Impression



I’ve always wanted to use this picture. Besides, it’s Shaft related anyway.

I hate Shaft. In fact, I hate Shaft more than I hate Kyoto Animations. Yes, I know that this fact is hard to believe since I’ve bashed KyoAni more than anything else (except maybe Watamote). But do you wanna know why exactly I hate Shaft more than KyoAni and possibly illegal drugs?

Because at least with KyoAni, they don’t fucking use the same frames of animations over and over and over again and then rape effects when it’s fucking unnecessary. And nowhere is this more painfully obvious than the piece of shit I’m dragging you into without your consent. Let’s talk about Mekakucity Actors.

First, let’s talk about the characters. Shintaro is a shut-in piece of shit. He’s boring. Moving on.  Shuuya is a silly fellow who didn’t get afraid of shit in a fucking terrorist attack at the fucking mall. He’s also boring and annoying. Moving on.

Ene is another story. She’s annoying, she’s a douche-bag, she never shuts the fuck up, she’s immature, she’s everything wrong with this anime in a nutshell. In fact, she’s everything wrong with anime in a nutshell. In fact, this anime is everything wrong with anime in a nutshell. You thought Sonico was bad enough? This somehow managed to be worse than fucking SONICO.

Let me remind you about Sonico’s stat with me.





Selector Infected WIXOSS: First Impression


So Fantasista Doll, Pokemon, and YuGiOh! go to a bar illegally and have a threesome…

Sounds like a good concept for an anime!

Jokes asides, I’m not too sure on how I’m supposed to feel about this show so far. The physical quality is pretty crappy (though I expect that from JC Staff), the execution of the concept seems to be all over the place so far, and I seriously don’t want to hear Kanon Wakeshima’s voice ever again, especially after this song.

But on the other hand, this seems like such a cool concept, the characters are great so far-


Oh. Except her. This girl with the the black hair is Yuzuki. Let’s copy her character personality and background directly from this anime’s Wikipedia page, shall we?

One of Ruko’s (protagonist) friends at school, who possesses the Lrig card, Hanayo. She has feelings for her twin brother, Kazuki, and desires to use her wish to make such a relationship possible.

And that’s why I don’t like her. She wishes she could be in a romantic or maybe sexual relationship with her twin brother most likely without his consent.

Pretty fucking creepy, don’t you think?

Now that I’m done, I think I’ll-


Please go away.



I said go away! Why aren’t you listening to me?


Thank you, sweetheart. I appreciate-




Is the Order a Rabbit?: First Impression


So yeah. This anime sucks. Let’s talk about it.

It’s about a twelve-year-old named Cocoa who moves into a café (I shit you not.) and becomes roommates with an eight-year-old girl named Chino. I’m pretty certain I got their ages wrong, but frankly, I don’t give a shit. Cocoa, or as I would like to call Dumb Ass McJinx, gets used to the café, but HOLY SHIT!


Sorry, I mean, Kagami Hiiragi from Lucky Star.

Sorry again, I mean Generic Lesbian Tsundere. She’s a bland piece of shit character that I don’t fucking like. I would call her my least favorite, but I have Dumb Ass McJinx for. I hate her. She’s a dumb ass. She seems to not respect Chino or…

what the fuck is that

…whatever the fuck that is. Apparently, that’s a rabbit. 

I call bullshit. Now let’s focus on some other bad things.

The opening and ending credit songs are horrendous. They don’t blend very well. That’s because they SOUND THE SAME with the exception of maybe one voice. That, and it’s moe bland as shit.

The biggest problem with this show is that IT’S FUCKING BORING!!! Other than showing Dumb Ass McJinx the restaurant, they do pretty much NOTHING. Theses characters have no fucking personality in them whatsoever. None of them are good.

Oh wait. Chino’s the only decent character in this fucking piece of shit. In fact, I should write a letter to her right now.

Dear Chino,

You’re in the wrong anime. You deserve to be in a                                                                                            much better anime than this.



Yours Truly,


Mekakucity Actors better not be as shitty as this show or else all hell is lose.

Magica Wars: First Impression


Many say that Gainax is dying. This could or could not be true since I have mixed feelings about this anime.

The animation is nice, the main character, Naruko, is decent enough, and the comedy, while not ha ha funny, is enough to cheer me up. The opening theme song is rather boring.

Meh. I think I’ll stay.







PS: I didn’t know that they had an MMD model of one of the characters.

One Week Friends: First Impression


Feels, feels, amnesia, and more fucking feels because the anime industry apparently just doesn’t have enough of this shit! What do I think about One Week Friends?

While I do see why people like this anime, I can also see why some wouldn’t.

First off, I really like the style and especially love the animation! The songs used for the opening and ending credits are okay, and the concept executed pretty well for anime standards.

However, my only nitpicks (besides being a little boring and probably should’ve been half the length it was) are the characters, or more so, just one character. Shogo, the side character and Yuki’s (protagonist) best friend, can bring a chuckle every now and then, and Yuki isn’t half bad at all. It’s Kaori who is a problem (though more like a minor inconvenience). She seems to come off as cold and bitter. I can understand why she acts like that, and I can sympathize with her. However, I wish the writers would make her come off as less cold and bitter.

Overall, not a bad show, and I probably won’t drop it. If I did, it’d probably be towards the end. See you soon before I forget!