One Week Friends: First Impression


Feels, feels, amnesia, and more fucking feels because the anime industry apparently just doesn’t have enough of this shit! What do I think about One Week Friends?

While I do see why people like this anime, I can also see why some wouldn’t.

First off, I really like the style and especially love the animation! The songs used for the opening and ending credits are okay, and the concept executed pretty well for anime standards.

However, my only nitpicks (besides being a little boring and probably should’ve been half the length it was) are the characters, or more so, just one character. Shogo, the side character and Yuki’s (protagonist) best friend, can bring a chuckle every now and then, and Yuki isn’t half bad at all. It’s Kaori who is a problem (though more like a minor inconvenience). She seems to come off as cold and bitter. I can understand why she acts like that, and I can sympathize with her. However, I wish the writers would make her come off as less cold and bitter.

Overall, not a bad show, and I probably won’t drop it. If I did, it’d probably be towards the end. See you soon before I forget!


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