Is the Order a Rabbit?: First Impression


So yeah. This anime sucks. Let’s talk about it.

It’s about a twelve-year-old named Cocoa who moves into a café (I shit you not.) and becomes roommates with an eight-year-old girl named Chino. I’m pretty certain I got their ages wrong, but frankly, I don’t give a shit. Cocoa, or as I would like to call Dumb Ass McJinx, gets used to the café, but HOLY SHIT!


Sorry, I mean, Kagami Hiiragi from Lucky Star.

Sorry again, I mean Generic Lesbian Tsundere. She’s a bland piece of shit character that I don’t fucking like. I would call her my least favorite, but I have Dumb Ass McJinx for. I hate her. She’s a dumb ass. She seems to not respect Chino or…

what the fuck is that

…whatever the fuck that is. Apparently, that’s a rabbit. 

I call bullshit. Now let’s focus on some other bad things.

The opening and ending credit songs are horrendous. They don’t blend very well. That’s because they SOUND THE SAME with the exception of maybe one voice. That, and it’s moe bland as shit.

The biggest problem with this show is that IT’S FUCKING BORING!!! Other than showing Dumb Ass McJinx the restaurant, they do pretty much NOTHING. Theses characters have no fucking personality in them whatsoever. None of them are good.

Oh wait. Chino’s the only decent character in this fucking piece of shit. In fact, I should write a letter to her right now.

Dear Chino,

You’re in the wrong anime. You deserve to be in a                                                                                            much better anime than this.



Yours Truly,


Mekakucity Actors better not be as shitty as this show or else all hell is lose.


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