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Let’s talk about One Week Friends.


A lot of people like this show, and who can blame them? This show is amazing.The characters (well most of them) are great, the story and execution are fantastic, the character development is brilliant and remarkable, and the animation and backgrounds are BREATHTAKING. I’ve never seen such a show that exceeds my expectations as much as this. So despite all of that, I do have a couple of minor nitpicks with the show…

The first nitpick (or nitpicks) are Saki’s two friends, Ai and Maiko. While I don’t mind Ai as much as I probably should, I really can’t stand Maiko. Her voice is annoying and she never shuts up when she appears. The only good thing about this is the fact that they’re minor characters.

The last nitpick is Hase’s character with Kaori during the last couple of episodes (more like episodes five and six). Whenever Kaori agrees to help him study for a math test, Saki and Kiryu want to study along with him. And how does he react? By stating that he wanted to be alone with Kaori. I can understand why he would want to do this. However, I’m sorry, but that comes off as selfish.

Again, fantastic and breathtaking show! If there are less good shows this year, this might actually make it into Ultimate Platinum for 2014. I give this show a 97/A


The Worst TV Show Ever

The Worst TV Show Ever

I’ve found it. I’ve found the worst TV show ever!

The worst acting, the worst cinematography, the worst editing, the worst special effects, the worst CGI, the worst EVERYTHING!!!

Just… just watch.